Sharks II vs New House

11 seconds left on the clock. Dartford Sharks II are inbounding the ball from the sidelines, down by three points. 

It had been a spartan effort to this point, reminiscent of Gerard Butler and his scantily clad crew, with only 6 Sharks against a seemingly endless stream of New House Nighthawks, and this was the final stand. The Sharks had dominated the paint on the offensive end most of the game, with high-scorer Mindy doing his best Michael Jordan impression, playing through a flu and struggling to breathe. The lead changed hands a number of times between the two teams over the course of the game until fatigue started to set in late in the 4th quarter, and a couple of fast breaks from New House gave them the lead.

It had all lead to this moment; a wily veteran move by Danny stopped another fast break and put New House's number 24 to the line, where he sunk 1 of 2 to put them up by three, followed by a Sharks time out. 11 seconds, and we knew what we had to do - get the ball to Alex, who'd had the hot hand from the three point line all night. The ball came in and Alex got free, the ball moved back around to him, and as he tried to get his shot off, two Nighthawks smothered him, forcing an awkward shot as the clock wound down.

Life slowed down for just a moment as the ball flew through the air.

Alas, it fell just short - the New House defenders had done just enough to put an end to the evening for the Dartford 6.

Scores to follow.
Spoiler alert: We lost.

January 5th, 2016 by Jack Allen