Big win For Sharks I against Guru in overtime

After a long layoff the Sharks were back in action against rivals Guru Nanak. The Sharks arrived early as they were looking forward to getting back onto the court and continue our push towards the title. The Sharks started the game off in a decent fashion but it was clear that the Sharks needed to shake off some rust as execution on both sides of the floor was not as sharp as we would have liked.

As halftime was approaching the Sharks were beginning to implode both on and off the court as the execution of our game plan wasn’t happening and Guru were hitting most of their open shots. This led to the same old story for the Sharks as players had lost focus, began to take 1 on 1 battles and forgot that we play best as a team when the ball moves around.

Halftime struck and the Sharks were still hanging on to a 4 point lead but our heads had gone. A change in defensive strategy was discussed at half time but the frustration and lack of focus carried on and the 3rd quarter was one way action with Guru rolling and scoring 31 points to our 17. All looked lost going into the 4th quarter for the Sharks and Guru was on track for a victory.

In the 4th the Sharks decided to wake up and started to play high intensity basketball on both ends of the court which led to a dramatic comeback with the Sharks hitting a few late 3’s and Guru missing crucial free throws. Guru had a chance to win the game at the end of regulation but Sharks stepped up the defence and the game headed into overtime.

The Sharks carried on their momentum and Guru looked down and out but a 4 point play brought Guru right back into the game but there were unable to carry on from that point and the Sharks secured the victory.

A good fight back from the Sharks but the lesson to be learnt is we need to play hard and as a team for the whole match.

Next fixture versus Bromley at home where the Sharks will look to avenge their first loss of the season.

Final Score : 107 - 102

Sharks Scorers : Maher 21, Schreiber 20, Andrzejewski 17, Kraft 17, Braknys 15, Long 12, Demmon 4, Fraser 1


January 6th, 2016 by Ben Maher