Sharks II Lose against Bromley Fury II

Once again, we were the Dartford 6 - shorthanded due to some basketball-related activity in London apparently - but we were ready and up for the challenge of Bromley II on our home court.

The evening started off well; the iconic 00 dusted off his jersey and his boombox, suiting up for a game for the first time in 2 years; we were warming up to a medley of some pumping club classics and we were ready for the fight.

The whistle blew. Sharks won the tip.

Then our evening turned.

A formal complaint shall be lodged to the league, because I'm pretty sure someone put a literal lid on the basket for the Sharks. People were getting into space, and getting off the shots... they just weren't falling. And while our shots may not have been falling, our morale and energy levels certainly were. Half time reared its welcome head and the Sharks were down by 20 points.

In the second half, we more-or-less held our own, finishing the game down by 25. There were flashes of good play - some nice passing in and out of the post opened up some opportunities for Tim to find his stroke, Wojtek once again bossed the paint, sending defenders flying and drawing any foul he saw fit to draw, some competent defensive communication at times - however, we could not pull it all together at any point, and paid the price for it.

It was an unnecessary loss - one that leaves the second team still searching for their second win of the season. Can the Sharks regain the ferocity that earned them their moniker? Or will they continue to flounder like a sedated Seaworld Orca? Only time will tell.

Final Score : 30 - 55

Sharks Scorers : Kiersztyn 13, Dickson 11, Plail 6

January 14th, 2016 by Jack Allen