Dartford Sharks I massive win against Bromley Fury I

Hot off our come from behind victory against Guru the Sharks were looking forward to their match v Bromley. The Sharks were determined to avenge their first loss of the season as we knew that we did not play a very strong game against them earlier in the season.

The Sharks arrived early and were focused from the opening tip. Bromley have been playing well and you can tell that their confidence was high. The game started and the Sharks brought the intensity both on defence and on offence. The ball was moving around forcing Bromley to work hard and the defence was swarming which led to lots of turnovers from Bromley early on.

The first half was clearly dominated by the Sharks as Bromley were furious with themselves as the lead continued to grow. The end of the first half saw the Sharks leading 49 – 28, a comfortable and deserved lead.

The second half started and Sharks had failed to keep the offence rolling but luckily the defence was still good and Bromley were unable to cut into the lead heading into the fourth.

The fourth quarter saw the Sharks finish the game off strong. Bromley did not have an answer for the prolific offence and swarming defence. Bromley were furious with their play, the refs, at one stage the Sharks, and were clearly disappointed in the effort that they had made in their bid to climb up the league standings.

This was a very satisfying win for the Sharks as they avenged their loss from earlier in the season and proved to the fans and themselves that they should not have lost that game at the beginning of the season.

Highlights of the game include the return of veteran player James Pullen who has had to battle off numerous injuries including a stubbed toe, and unreliable leg muscles.

Kieran Long doing his best Tom Brady by throwing a touchdown pass the length of the court to wide receiver Ben Maher who had run a post pattern to get open down field.  

Sharks play again on Monday away to Tonbridge and will look to continue avenging losses earlier in the season.

Final Score : 86 - 51

Sharks Scorers : Brankys 20, Maher 12, Kraft 11, Pullen 9, Andrzejewski 9, Marsh 8, Schreiber 8, Fraser 7, Demmon 2 

January 21st, 2016 by Ben Maher