Dartford Sharks II unfortunate loss to Erith Crows

After 2 weeks of a skeletal shark crew, Sharks began to swarm Erith School Sports Centre. It was a 12-man-strong squad, with faces new and old. Even my Uncle Kev turned up to don the Dartford Green.

Yes, we could smell blood, and we had mistaken it for the blood of an Erith team on a hot streak. Turns out if was the blood from Danny's nose.

It was a physical affair, with plenty of contact and very few calls. Unfortunately, while tempers were hot, we could not make soup. Frustration was rife as the Sharks started missing open looks, and a lack of general team-work resulted in a 24-point deficit at the halfway mark.

The second half saw more tough play, with plenty of tense moments, and some interesting tactical changes. And a fantastic layup from number 10... Just saying...

By the end of the game, the Sharks had cut the difference to just 16 points, showing that we kept battling to the very end.

Sharks II next game is once again vs. New House Nighthawks - a game that was close last time out. If we get the same herd of sharks turn up, then who knows... maybe we will leave with bellies full of poultry, rather than washed up on the beach, pecked to a pulp.

Final Score : 79 - 63

Sharks Scorers : Dickson 15, Kiersztyn 10, Sabunas 8, Smith 7, Madonoa 6, Olanolan 5, Plail 3, Allen 2, Rowlett 2 (There are 5 uncredited points... Somehow...)

January 21st, 2016 by Jack Allen