The game that wasn't a game!!

Before we go any further, I must make one thing clear: This was not a game.

Two teams turned up and played 40 minutes of basketball. A referee reffed the game. Shots were made, blocks were... blocked, and Sharks II scored more points than the New House players did. But do not be confused - while it may appear that a game was played, I refer you to my opening statement: THIS WAS NOT A GAME.

Unfortunately, we ended up short on refs for this game which meant we couldn't play an actual league game. We still played, but it was not a game.

As it was not a game, there was no official score sheet, so unfortunately, if you were not there, you will never know how accurate this report is. It's like Wilt's 100-point game - you may hear differing accounts of what happened, but you'll only ever know if you were there.

So here goes...

It was a cold dark night, and every member of the Sharks team towered above their opposition - it was reported that there was not a Shark there under 7ft tall. Every single Shark scored at least 20 points, and people even say that Danny did a dunk.

In all seriousness, it was an encouraging night overall. Though the game may have been closer that we had liked at several points, Sharks II took the lead and we weren't letting it go. There were some fantastic passing possessions, with the ball whipping around the court 7 or 8 times, not touching the floor before seeing the net. Mindy showed some incredible poise and finesse with his graceful eurostep layups, earning him his new nickname "Tinkerbell". There was also a strong showing from Wojtek "Give-Me-The-Ball" Kiersztyn, whose simple game-plan worked like a treat.

Sharks II finished the night up by six points.
It was unfortunate that the effort shown could not be recorded officially, but we know that next time we face New House, we have the upper hand.

And you know what they say, a win is a win.

Except when it isn't, of course.

Final Score: 58 - 52

Sharks Scorers: Unknown

January 28th, 2016 by Jack Allen