Sharks II vs Folkestone Saints

Sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy. On Thursday night, Sharks II went to battle once again... this time against themselves.

From the tip, this felt like a game we could win - the score was low, but we were stopping the ball on the defensive end, moving the ball well on the other, and getting open looks. We just weren't hitting them.

And that became the story of the night. We had the answers to their offence, but couldn't bring anything the other end to take advantage. The longer the game went on, the lower our field goal percentage became, and the more we got into our own heads. The more we got into our own heads, the harder the game became. Shooting confidence was low, which reduced spacing, making things harder for the guys inside.

We started the game as Frodo. At about half time, we still had that hobbity furry-toed glint in our eye, but there was a darker feeling lurking inside. Sauron's eye was upon us, and there was the feeling that perhaps what we had in our posession was NOT the one ring to rule them all.

In the second half, we watched our morale sink lower alongside the shooting percentage, until we saw the familiar sight of a team we should be beating, running the fast break time-after-time for easy layups.

As this season has gone on, we have seen our play tighten up as we try to reign in a disappointing campaign, but with that, we have lost the flow and momentum that drives a good team forward. Hopefully we regain some of that in the remaining matches.

Otherwise we will remain both Rocky and Apollo Creed; Batman and the Joker; We are both Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday, but this time, no-one gets any milkshake. (See:

Final Score : 51 - 57

Sharks Scorers : Kiersztyn 14, Plail 9, Smith 9, Sabunas 8, Dickson 7, Webb 2, Stopford 2

February 18th, 2016 by Jack Allen