Dartford Sharks I vs Eltham Eagles

Dartford welcomed Eltham to the Shark tank where the Sharks were looking to continue their push to the league title. Each game is now vitally important as there are only a handful of games left. Nerves for the Sharks and intensity from Eltham were the order of business in the first as for whatever reason the Sharks were a shell of themselves. As a result the Sharks were down by 2 after the first but our body language and demeanour you would have guessed we were losing by 30.

Frustration was starting to boil over and as a result the Sharks received not one but two separate technical fouls in short succession. The big question at this stage for the Sharks was whether or not the technical fouls would serve to inspire us or bring us down even further.

Luckily for the Sharks it ended up inspiring us as the bench picked up the slack in the second quarter and gave us a lead heading into half time.

The second half saw a slight tactical change in how to attack Elthams zone defence and it was a great change as Sharks started the 2nd half on a 14 – 2 run and we never looked back.

The scoring was very spread out but special mention to new recruit Rokas who made a huge impact coming off the bench in his Shark tank debut.

Next match is again at home versus Maidstone

Final Score : 82 - 54

Sharks Scorers : Neverauskas 20, Braknys 15, Schreiber 14, Maher 7, Demmon 4, Marsh 3, Andrzejewski 2, Fraser 1, Kraft 0

An official recount was requested on the score sheet and the following correction was made

Kraft 14

February 25th, 2016 by Ben Maher