Great win over Wizards

The Sharks made the journey to Walderslade with one goal in mind. Keep pushing for the league title. We knew that this would not be an easy task as Wizards have always proven to be a tough challenge over the years.

The game started and we knew we were in for a battle. Wizards took an early lead and made life difficult for the Sharks as they set up their zone defence which the Sharks were unable to penetrate and were settling for jump shots and 3 pointers. Over the past few games the Sharks had been on fire from downtown but were unable to hit many long range shots in the first half.

Every time it looked like Wizards were going to pull away in the first half the Sharks responded to keep the game close throughout the first half. The bench stepped up when needed and clawed back into the deficit and the Sharks were only down 5 points going into the second half.

The third quarter again saw a fierce battle between the two teams which led to Wizards taking a 6 point lead into the fourth. The Sharks knew that if they wanted to win the league this was a game that they had to win.

The Sharks continued to push the tempo and get some easy baskets and the turning point for the game came in a 2 minute span where the Sharks scored 4 three pointers which gave us the lead. By no means was the game over and Wizards continued to battle but alas they fell just short and the Sharks took the win.

Special mention goes to big man Zolt who battled tirelessly all game to disrupt Wizards potent inside game despite some early foul trouble.

Great team effort with everyone contributing to the win.

Next up Wizards at home where the Sharks will look to finish the league in style with another win

Final Score : 74 - 80

Sharks Scorers : Neverauskas 25::1, Maher 22::1, Long 14::4, Schreiber 10::2, Fraser 3::1, Andrzejewski 2::0, Demmon 2::0, Kraft 2::0

March 8th, 2016 by Ben Maher