LTU vs Sharks II

This was a game of three quarters.

I can hear your protests now...

"Jack, basketball games have four quarters..."

"Jack, did you go home early?"

"Jack, the very nature of fractions predicates there being four quarters..."

Valid concerns. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be that this was a game of three good quarters, and one that we would all rather soon forget.

Up against the 9-1 league leaders, this was set to be a tough challenge, and we were coming off a run of games where regular scoring seemed like an old facebook friend; the relationship strained by time, career-persuit and marriage. However, as soon as the game started, we reunited with that friend, sharing laughs and reminiscing on old times as if we had never parted ways.

In fact, the first three quarters was quite possibly the best basketball Dartford Sharks II have played all season. We were scoring inside and out, passing the ball well and making short work of the opposing zone defence. The score was pretty much tied at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, with regular periods where the Sharks led the game. A resurgent game from Mthoko (Player/Coach/Table Official/Rumoured Wildlife Activist) and a barrage of deep scoring from Danny and Johnny helped push us forward, coupled with a tough interior presence from our bigs and some good team defence. We kept up pace with the indomitable Team LTU and confidence was growing.

The fourth quarter told a different tale. While our scoring stayed consistent, our defence did not. Team LTU put up a disproportionately large amount of points, which saw them finish the game up by almost 20. This consisted largely of converted second-chance opportunities.

There are plenty of positives to take and lessons to learn from a close(ish) game against a team who are almost certainly on their way up next season; we will look to build on our rekindled friendship between the ball and the net; we now know that there IS a fourth quarter and it can be very damaging to not give as much effort during that as the rest of the game; and we have learnt that, much like the four quarters of a basketball game, a box has four sides - if we box out like we did in this game, we are only putting out three-sided boxes... which hold sod-all.

Final Score : Team LTU 89 - Dartford Sharks II 71

Sharks Scorers : Madonda 14, Kiersztyn 13, Olanolan 12, Smith 9, Dickson 7, Sabunas 6, Rowlett 5, Stopford 3, (2 points have been awarded to number 21... as we don't have a number 21, I will assume they meant number 10, so... Allen 2)

March 16th, 2016 by Jack Allen