Medway League 1 Champions!!

Coming off of a tough win away to Wizards the Sharks returned home to once again face Wizards in our season finale. The Sharks wanted to end the season in style by winning our last game but we knew that this would not be an easy task.

The match started very much the same as last week with Wizards taking an early lead working the ball inside and making life difficult for our big men. The Sharks were not playing their best basketball but were managing to stay within touching distance. The Sharks were clearly frustrated with their first half performance as Wizards were up by 9 heading into the second half.

The start of the second half saw the Sharks pick up the effort and once again started playing team basketball both on the defensive and offensive end of the court. This saw the Sharks cut into the lead and were only trailing by 2 going into the 4th.

The Sharks continued to push the tempo into the fourth quarter but Wizards continued to answer every challenge and run that we made.

The Sharks were up by two but Wizards had a chance to tie the game on the free throw line and the Sharks got a little bit of luck as both of the free throws were missed and the ball went out of bounds off of Wizards. The Sharks took a time out and the message was clear, take care of the ball as there was less than 10 seconds left. The Sharks stretched the floor and the ball was inbounded at the halfway line by Soren. The ball quickly went to our point guard Eugene and he made a killer pass to Soren whose was under that basket as his defender had lost track of him after the inbounds. He calmly put in the basket and the game was over.

A very hard fought battle by both sides.

Big congratulations to the Sharks who end the season winning the league. This season saw great contributions from all players as we had to battle for every win. Way to go boys!

Next up the semi-final of the Cup which see us travel back to Gravesend to battle Guru for a spot in the final.

Final Score : 72 – 68

Sharks Scorer : Schreiber 24 :: 8/15: 0, Braknys 19 :: 0/5 :: 3, Maher 15 :: 1/4 :: 0, Kraft 6 :: 0/2 :: 0, Long 4 :: 0/0 :: 0, Andrzejewski 4 :: 2/2 :: 0
(PTS :: FT :: 3P)

March 17th, 2016 by Ben Maher