Dartford Sharks Ladies Friendly Against Maidstone

It has been a while since the last friendly game we played against Iroquois all that time ago.  People have since come and gone and as there are not many ladies teams in the area, finding games is quite tough.

A month ago we were approached by Liv from the Maidstone team who said they had just started a women’s session and wanted a friendly against us.  We agreed without hesitation.  After a month of preparation, we turned up to Maidstone YMCA with an extra 2 players than the 5 we thought we would have (I think the 5 ladies were very relieved that they would be getting a substitution here and there!)

The game started and it was clear that Dartford had the edge on the experience but nevertheless, Maidstone had some great players and gave it all to put up a good fight throughout the game.

The game started and Dartford’s man defence was strong, holding Maidstone to just 4 points in the first quarter while putting 12 on the scoreboard themselves mainly through the inside presence of Katy and the ball skills and defence of Marie.  But this was not good enough for some of the team who wanted more of a lead and that showed in the second. By half time Dartford took the lead 32-12 with split points coming from Lisa ‘the layup’ and Tunde.

Heading into the third we thought we would switch up the defence into a 2-1-2 zone, this allowed us to conserve some energy for the remainder of the game.  A great quarter from the Spanish import, Steph, as she knocked back a big 3 pointer followed by numerous other baskets and some great steals.

By the last quarter we tried to practice our set plays and it showed.  We set ourselves the challenge of making at least six passes before a score and the organisation of Lisa at point saw the ball moving around excellently opening up great chances again for Katy inside.  The game ended and both Ian and myself were very proud of the ladies efforts.  Every player gave their inputs whether it be the tough defence of Marie, Steph and Lisa, or the hot shooting from Katy and Tunde, and the open spots and great outside shooting from Tee and Georgia. 

A great game and much kudos to the Maidstone team who, from some of the players, had only been playing for 3 weeks.  Thanks for organising Liv and I am sure we can repay the favour in a few months time at the Shark Tank.

Final Score : 19 – 58

Sharks Scorers : Katy 18, Tunde 13, Stephanie 9, Lisa 8, Marie 6, Georgia 2, Tee 2


March 20th, 2016 by Andrew Demmon