Bromley Fury II vs Dartford Sharks II (Medway Plate Semi Final)

First off, let me apologise for the delay between the game and the game report; I decided to approach my writing with the same vigour that we approached the game.

I approached this report with my head low and my resolve broken; A report I really should have decimated, but didn't have the energy or passion to overcome the obstacles laid ahead of me; I write now a bit flat, looking ahead to the next report - I'll be better for the next report... but I can't remember, is that what I said LAST report?

Consider the scene set.

Sharks II travelled to Bromley to face Fury II - the team we played in our first game of the season, nay, our first win of the season! In the return league game, Bromley evened the series, which left us with something to prove as we stepped onto the court in this Medway Plate Semi-Final.

The court we stepped onto turned out to be the quietest court in the entire league. As the game got underway, you could hear the frenzied passion from the Sharks only by it's absence. When a cry came from the bench or someone called out a defensive switch, it rang through the hall like tourettes in a library.

At one point, a referee passed wind. The slow clap of his cheeks was the closest we got to a rousing round of applause.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you something of the game (not just the now pungent atmosphere surrounding it). The first half was a good half, a competitive half. Bromley were up at the end of the 1st quarter, Dartford at the end of the half. Sean dominated the 3-point line (5 made from downtown on the night), Tim worked inside and out on his way to 11 points, and Danny continued to prove his jumper is more than just a myth.

Then the second half happened. We went down by 4 in the 3rd quarter, hung our heads at the prospect of yet another defeat, and when we looked back up we had lost the game by 6 points. Bromley led by as many as 11 in the fourth, and we only narrowed the gap through fortune (4 missed free throws by Bromley) and opposition fatigue / early celebration.

This has been a tough season for Sharks II, hoping at the start of the season for a good run, yet we near the end of the season with only 1 win. While any chance of glory has long disappeared, the rallying cry for the last few games must be one of pride; one of reclaiming our sense of worth as a team. There's more to this team than we put out in this last game, and we need to prove that in our next - not just to the rest of the league, but to ourselves.

Final score : 63 - 57

Sharks Scorers : Plail 20, Dickson 11, Smith 8, Sabunas 6, Kiersztyn 6, Stopford 4, Rowlett 2

March 24th, 2016 by Jack Allen