Sharks II vs New House Nighthawks

Finally, Sharks II got their second win of the season, and what a glorious evening it was!

After an uninspiring flop the game before, Sharks found something they have been looking for all season - a bit of fire! Perhaps at the AGM we should discuss players' pre-game diets, because on Thursday night, the Sharks came hungry for the win, and it showed from the start. 

(Disclaimer: There are very few jokes from this point in. Writing about a win has been a shock to the system and has quite clearly thrown me.)

Over the course of the season, we have had a number of good quarters. This game was one of the first times we actually had four of them in the same game though. We outscored New House in each of the first 3 quarters, tearing up their zone defence in the first half. Sean picked up where he left the last game, raining down shots from deep, punishing their D for not getting out to him. When they did get out to the line, we fed the ball in for Wojtek to do his thing. Ian saw what fun everyone seemed to be having, and led the sharks in the second quarter with 6 points. New House's defence started to get frustrated at this point, sending the Sharks to the line 8 times in the second period (just don't ask about our conversion rate).

Leading by 9 at the half, we were feeling optimistic, but knew that there was plenty of game yet to be played - after all, the third quarter has all-too-often been our falling point this season - and New House weren't going to give up easily. Midway through the third quarter they switched their zone D to a high-pressing man-to-man, trying to deny every inbound and every 3-pointer. Our outside threats were rendered void, and we had to turn to our powerhouse trio inside - every point we scored in the third quarter was scored under the basket by Wojtek, Mindy or Todge.

We entered the 4th up by 11 - a nice margin, but one that New House were determined to do something about. They increased the pressure on the inbound passes in our own half, at one point forcing an 8-second violation. Credit for our battle in this quarter lays entirely at Danny's feet. Many times the only way the ball got over the halfway line in 8 seconds was by him running and pushing at his defender. His speed, hustle and resilience are the reason we didn't turn the ball over and allow multiple easy buckets. New house fought til the bitter end (Sharks shot from the line 21 times in the fourth quarter), but at the final buzzer it was just not enough.

This victory comes down to two things - great shooting in the first half, and hustle in the second. All together, 4 solid quarters of basketball, and a bit of pride returned to the Shiver. We will now look to build on this victory in the Rose Bowl.

The countdown to Sharks vs Sharks has begun.

Final Score : 66 - 55

Scorers : Plail 13, Kiersztyn 13, Dickson 10, Smith 9, Webb 6, Rowlett 5, Sabunas 4, Torreggiani 4, Stopford 2

March 31st, 2016 by Jack Allen