Dartford Sharks II great start to Rosebowl

Just call us the Dartford Sausages, 'cause we're on a roll.

For the first time this season, Sharks II won back to back games. We are in the middle of a streak, and we are loving the feeling of our glory slapping our thighs as we run.

Sharks took the game to Bromley once again this season - this time in the Rose Bowl. We started up by 10 points thanks to a handicap determined by league position, but we have experienced the pain of a lead ripped from our sweaty little fingers many times in the regular season, so we were determined not to treat this game any differently. For us, the score might as well have been 0-0.

In the opening few minutes however, we were glad of that 10-point cushion every time we looked up at the score board. Bromley opened the game well, cutting the gap to just 2 points. Then Sean decided he had had enough of their antics. The next three made buckets were 3-pointers by the Sharks savvy veteran on the wing, and it was just the spark the team needed.

Back to a comfortable position, the Sharks never really looked back. Without our regular force inside (Mindy and Wojtek not available for the game), we camped Todge at the top of the key and kicked the ball out to our shooter across the floor. 30 of our 53 scored points came from beyond the 3-point line (all from either Danny, Sean or Al), showing that the confidence built in our last win was working wonders.

We ended the game up by 22 points, so even without the 10-point handicap, it was a win to be proud of. The team played well and, most importantly, cohesively; we had a vision of how to play, and we executed well.

But probably even more important that all of that... we now have a new nickname.

Final Score : 41 - 63

Sharks Scorers : Smith 14, Plail 12, Olanolan 8, Dickson 8, Stopford 8, Rowlett 2, Allen 1

April 19th, 2016 by Jack Allen