Dartford Sharks I – Medway Cup Winners!

Fresh from winning the Medway league and ready to defend the title they had won last year against the Walderslade Wizards, Dartford’s first team were once again in the limelight as they had progressed to the final of the Medway Cup against a highly competitive Bromley Fury I – runners up of the Medway League. 

As Dartford turned up at Longfield Academy on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend, they missed two key players, Ben Maher and Kieran Long, who had other prior plans for the long weekend.

Fans were in abundance for both teams and the Bromley team were fuelled with adrenaline due to their second team having just won the Medway Plate against League two winners LTU.

The game started fairly evenly with Bromley going ahead by 2 into the close of the first quarter, but with injuries starting to mount up on the Dartford bench and frustrations being vented with refereeing decisions, it was always going to be a tough rest of the game.  After some strong words from stand-in-coach, Soren, Dartford sucked up the injuries and battled on in the second quarter to end the first half turning the deficit into a 6 point advantage with the score a relatively low 24 – 30 in favour of Dartford.

A short break at the half and the game was back underway.  Bromley wanted this more than anything but this was Dartford’s quarter.  Our defence really stepped up which lead to a number of fast breaks including one of the two crowd pleasing dunks from Rokas (even if there was a slight stumble after, all caught on film…..) increasing the lead by another 8 points.

A last ditch effort from Bromley was just too little too late as Dartford managed to keep the quarter’s score even and slowed down the game, making sure we used the full allotted time for each play.

The final buzzer sounds and Dartford are once again crowned champions of the Medway Cup 2015/16. 

Many thanks to the league, refs and officials for all the organisation that has gone in to this year and for all the friends and family out their showing their support.  With the league won a few weeks back, that is now two titles we have to our name this year but it does not end there.  Dartford Sharks next job is to win the Rosebowl cup that comes with a whole host of other difficulties like 55 point head starts as a handicap to deal with.

Great job guys, let’s try and take the triple this year... 

Final Score : 55 - 64

Sharks Scorers : Neverauskas 22, Braknys 18, Kraft 11, Schreiber 6, Marsh 3, Demmon 2, Andrzejewski 2

April 30th, 2016 by Andrew Demmon