Dartford Sharks I : Rosebowl Game 2

This past week Dartford travelled to Bromley to continue their good start to the Rosebowl. Dartford was down 45 points before the ball had even been tipped and knew that the order of the day was to run and keep running.

Not only did Dartford run and keep running but we also had an added bonus of channelling the Cleveland Cavaliers 3 point shooting knocking down 10 3 pointers in a gym where we typically struggle to shoot from long range.

It was clear that the game was won in the second half and Dartford won the game. Everyone on the court contributed but special mention goes to big man Andrew Demmon who was not only collecting rebounds and protecting the rim but had a blistering and efficient offensive game.

Next up for Dartford is Maidstone at home where the deficit is not 45 points but instead 50 points.

The Sharks will need to rest up and make sure that they have fresh legs for this fixture.

Final Score : 71 - 115

Sharks Scorers : Maher 32::8/11::0, Braknys 25::0/1::5, Demmon 16::2/2::0, Schreiber 12::0/3::0, Andrzejewski 10::0/0::2, Kraft 9::1/2::0, Marsh 8::0/0::2, Long 3::0/0::1
(Points:: Free Throws:: 3 pointers)

May 3rd, 2016 by Ben Maher