Dartford Sharks I : Rosebowl Game 3

This past week saw Dartford welcome a young and enthusiastic Maidstone team to the Shark tank. Maidstone started the game up by 50 points and as always the Sharks knew that they needed to get off to a good start to get rid of that deficit.

Scoring was not the issue for the Sharks but mental mistakes were. The Sharks were at times starting to play out of control and very undisciplined leading to too many turnovers which kept Maidstone in the game.

Sharks managed to get the win but they were very frustrated with how they played and know that they will need to do much better in their next match as the final round of the Rosebowl will be an all Shark affair pitting Dartford I v Dartford II.

Final Score : 104 - 94

Maher 23::1/3::0, Braknys 17::2/2::1, Kraft 17::3/4::0, Andrzejewski 14::1/1::1, Long 14::0/0::2, Demmon 8::2/4::0, Schreiber 7::1/2::0, Fraser 4::0/0::0
(Pts : FT : 3 Pts)

May 12th, 2016 by Ben Maher