Rose Bowl Game 4 : A Clash of Two Dartfords

This past week saw an all Shark affair where the Titans of Sharks I were up against a spirited Shark II squad who were looking to make their mark on a season that most of them would rather forget. Sharks I were set a mountain to climb being down 55 points before the first whistle was even blown.

This was going to be a tough outing for both squads and both teams needed to be mentally prepared. The mind games were afoot as there had been some spirited debates leading up to the match between club members as well as a devious tactic used by second team manager Alex Stopford who was audacious enough to quote the league handbook which does state that in the case of two teams wearing the same colour kit it is the responsibility of the home team to change their kit.

This tactic proved very effective to start as Sharks I were clearly blinded by the brightness of the blue alternate kits which has not been seen for some time. Sharks II came out on fire hitting their open shots, after 4 minutes Sharks I had not clawed back any of the deficit set before them.

Sharks I called a timeout and enough was enough, yes we are all part of the same club and we wish each other success but this was a battle…a battle both teams wanted to win. Sharks I changed their tactics slightly and the press was on.

The pressure that Sharks I put on Sharks II clearly disrupted them and Sharks I began getting easy baskets. It was clear that Sharks II were becoming frustrated at themselves as Sharks I were relentless in the pressure.

By the end of the 3rd quarter Dartford Sharks I had a 1 point lead going into the 4th quarter. It would have been easy for Sharks II to turn belly up and let us have the game but their fighting spirit remained and they were always within touching distance but every time they made a push….Sharks I pushed back.

All in all a great evening for all involved as Sharks I take the victory.

Both Sharks teams advanced into the next round.

Sharks I at home to Crows on Thursday

Sharks II away to Maidstone I

Final Score : Sharks I 104 - Sharks II 98 (55 point lead to start)

Sharks I Scorers : Maher 26, Braknys 16, Andrzejewski 15, Kraft 14, Pullen 9, Schreiber 9, Demmon 6, Marsh 5, Fraser 4

Sharks II Scorers : Sabunas 14, Plail 12, Webb 7, Dickson 4, Smith 4, Kiersztjn 2

May 19th, 2016 by Ben Maher