Dartford Sharks I : Rosebowl Cup Semi Finals

The Dartford Sharks welcomed Eltham Eagles to the Shark tank for the Semi Final of the Rosebowl. Dartford came for one reason and one reason only…to continue our mission of trying to complete the treble this year. We knew that it was not going to be an easy feat, forget the being down 35 points to start the game but add to the fact that Eltham were probably disappointed with their league performance this year and were looking to make their mark in the Rosebowl.

The game started fast and furious as the Sharks were diving through the Eagles defence to take a huge chunk out of the 35 point deficit. The second quarter however was a completely different story as Eltham stepped up their pressure on defence and started hitting shots of their own. The Sharks rhythm was completely shot and we were simply not playing our game.

The frustration was clear on the Sharks faces and we knew that if we did not come out strong to start the second half the game was going to be lost. Luckily the Sharks regrouped and started to pick up the intensity as well as applying more pressure on defence. We even turned back father time and applied a full court press. The tactical change proved to be effective and the Sharks were chomping away at the lead, the big question on everyone’s’ mind was whether or not the Sharks could maintain this intensity.

The Sharks managed to take the lead midway through the 4th quarter but Eltham refused to go down without a fight. The lead was exchanged several times and Dartford managed to hang onto the lead and secured the victory. A very exciting game for the fans in attendance and a great finish for our last game in the Shark Tank for the 2015 – 2016 season.

Up next the Rosebowl final where the Sharks will face for Guru Nanak,

This match will prove an interesting encounter as the teams are very familiar with each other considering this will be our 5th match of the season.

The Final will take place Saturday June 18th, Longfield Academy 2:15pm tip

Final Score : 97 – 87

Sharks Scorers : Braknys 24::4/6::6, Maher 23::5/7::0, Neverauskas 15::1/2::4, Andrzejewski 7::1/2::0,Kraft 7::1/3::0, Schreiber 7::1/2::0, Long 5::0/0::1, Pullen 4::1/2::1, Demmon 2::0/0::0

June 9th, 2016 by Ben Maher