Dartford Sharks I : Rosebowl Winners

The last fixture of the season was finally upon us…the Rosebowl Final. Not only was this a Final but it was a chance for the Sharks to complete their clean sweep of all competitions this year. We knew we were in for a tough challenge facing Guru Nanak. As the teams arrived to the venue you can sense that everyone was prepared for a war. The battle lines had be drawn, the tactics had been discussed now it was time to go out and see who wanted it more. 

The first quarter saw the Sharks start slow and unable to find their rhythm. Guru started the match ahead by 15 points and increased their lead to 20 points by the end of the first quarter. The frustration was clear as the Sharks knew that the treble was slipping away from them. 

The team talk at the end of the first quarter was led by veteran Dave Marsh who had one message for everyone… PLAY SOME DEFENCE. Dave led by example as he came on to start the second quarter and he set the tone for everyone. It didn’t matter that he picked up 3 fouls in 3 minutes he inspired the team to play harder and more importantly play with some heart. The bench continued to inspire the team and the deficit was tumbling. Then steps in Dan Fraser whose frustration boiled over and although he received a technical foul for his outburst it led to another burst of intensity from the Sharks which saw them almost level at half time. 

The 3rd quarter was a closely fought affair Guru was determined to prevent the Sharks from the Treble. The 3rd quarter saw the Sharks explode from long range hitting 7 three pointers which allowed the Sharks to take a small lead going into the 4th. 

10 minutes and a determined Guru Nanak is all that stood in between the Sharks and the treble. The 4th quarter was a closely fought affair and every time the Sharks looked like they were going to pull away Guru responded and managed to tie the game with 17 seconds left. 

During the timeout James Pullen sent a very clear message…We do not lose this game. The play was drawn up and it was down to the 5 players on the court to execute. The ball was inbounded and Guru applied a lot of pressure hoping to force a turnover but the ball was in the hands of Eugene and he was determined to hang onto the ball. A double screen was set on the ball and Eugene drove to the basket, his path to the lane was cut off but Eugene did his job as he drew in the help defenders which allowed Rokas to fly in from the corner and receive a bullet pass from Eugene which he layed in with just over 3 seconds left. The crowd was pumped, the Sharks were pumped but the game was not over. Guru inbounded the ball from the baseline tried to get it up the court and managed to get a half court heave up but the ball fell short.

Ladies and Gentlemen the Sharks completed the Treble.

Guru played very well and fought hard to the end but alas Dartford had that little bit extra.

It has been a fantastic year for Sharks I, we would not have been able to have completed the treble without a team effort. Everyone contributed this year and someone different stepped up when we needed someone to step up.

Way to go Sharks

Final Score : 89 – 87

Sharks Scorers : Neverauskas 21::7/14::2, Pullen 19::2/6::5, Braknys 19::4/6::3, Maher 14::6/7::0, Schreiber 4::0/0::0, Andrzejewski 3::0/0::1, Long 3::0/2::1, Fraser 2::0/2::0, Kraft 2::0/0::0, Marsh 2::0/0::0
Points::Free Throws:: 3’s

June 18th, 2016 by Ben Maher