Sharks I vs Wizards

The Dartford Sharks were looking to bounce back from a start to the season against an always tough game against Wizards.Over the years this fixture has been a likened to a battle of Titans with both teams always giving their all. Prior to the game an unnamed Wizards player was quoted as saying “please no overtime” clearly showing the mutual respect between the two clubs. 

The Sharks started the game off strong and were demonstrating the intensity that was lacking from their opening match. Wizards started to match that effort and were capitalising on turnovers and were sticking to their game plan of using their size advantage. 

Wizards were slowing increasing their lead throughout the game and every time Sharks looked like they were going to make a run Wizards remained calm and composed which is a lesson that the Sharks need to learn. 

Wizards stretched their lead to double digits in the second half and the Sharks were unable to mount a comeback and dropped their second straight game of the season. 

Dartford displayed a much better effort but were still too inconsistent at times and must continue to improve their decision making if they are going to make the most of this season. 

Sharks are away to Sevenoakes next and are hoping to get that first win of the season.

Final score : 65 - 75

Sharks scorers : Schreiber 12::0/1::0, Maher 11::0/2::1, Andrzejewski9::0/0::3, Fraser 8::2/2::0, Braknys 8::4/8::0, Marsh 5::2/2::1, Wellby 4::0/0::0, Kraft 4::0/0::0, Demmon 4::0/0::0

October 6th, 2016 by Ben Maher