Sharks II vs Tonbridge Knights

"None shall pass."

The Knights from Tonbridge stood guarding the bridge. The bridge to the rest of the season for the valiant Sharks.

“I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Knight, but I must cross this bridge."

In a reference I am keen to pursue (which may estrange the younger members of the reading audience) the battle between the Brave Dartford Sharks and the Black Knights of Tonbridge had begun.

The first half of basketball was a closely fought affair. Both the Sharks and the Knights looked evenly matched, with the lead changing hands no less than 10 times in the opening two periods. There were scoring contributions from both the starting 5 as well as the bench, and morale was high as we went into the half up by 2.

“Tis but a scratch."

The third quarter was something of a masterpiece from the Sharks. Like well-trained warriors, we sliced up our opponents defence with a combination of threes, mid-range twos, drives to the basket and free-throws from the line, taking the scoring total for the period to a whopping 34 points. On top of some practically regal offensive work, we helped to stifle the Knights with some hard defence. The Sharks managed to rack up 6 fouls in the quarter, and with a bit of bad luck for Tonbridge at the stripe, they were kept to only 9 points.

“It’s only a flesh wound!”

These were the cries from the Knights bench, as they fought on through the fourth quarter, down by 30. They continued to drive to the basket and push us on the fast break, drawing another 6 fouls which in hindsight we probably could have avoided. These frequent trips to the line helped Tonbridge to a strong finish, but alas it was not enough to vanquish a triumphant Sharks squad, who trotted off into the sunset with their faithful steed, Patsy.

Throughout the game, the Zak-Splash Twins were on fire, once again scoring a combined 35 points, and with Sean out for a while, Jake and MaÅžvydas look to be establishing their three-point credentials. It’s also worth noting that every player who kitted up for the Sharks scored in this game, showing how teamwork and moving the ball really pay dividends.

So now, we cross the bridge, clip-clopping our coconuts, on to the next challenge that will face the brave Sharks of Dartford.

And for anyone who would like to see a brief overview of how the game went, just watch this link:

Final score : 72 - 50

Sharks Scorers : Zaksas M 18, Zaksas Z 17, Bexx 15, Trubicinas 10, Allen 4, Sabunas 2, Stopford 2, Clement 2, Grimes 2

October 13th, 2016 by Jack Allen