Maidstone I v Dartford Sharks I

It has been a few weeks since Dartford had played a competitive match and the boys were tired of just training as training can only take you so far and it is all about the matches. After making the long journey to Maidstone the Sharks were all on time…for once and ready to roll however the netting on the rings did not meet the league standard and a suitable replacement had to be located. The Sharks maintained their mental readiness as repairs were underway. After the short delay the match was underway and the Sharks played a very strong game getting contributions from all over the court. Whether it was Andy’s silky smooth post moves, Malcom’s razor sharp passes or Dan’s post defence Maidstone did not seem to have an answer and the Sharks won the match very comfortably. 

The Sharks performed very well but not without a few minor blips in during the match where it appeared they forgot how to play basketball but these moments were short lived. 

Up next the Sharks FINALLY have a home match versus Bromley. We will need to be ready as Bromley have proved a tough challenge for us in recent years. 

Final Score : 46 - 88

Sharks Scorers : Maher 22::4/5::0, Braknys 20::6/10::0, Fraser 10::0/1::0, Demmon 8::0/0::0, Kraft 8::0/0::0, Schreiber 7::3/6::0, Marsh 5::2/5::1, Wellby 2::2/2::0

November 16th, 2016 by Ben Maher