Bromley Fury II vs Dartford Sharks II

Two points. We were two points short. It could have been such a glorious night if just one more shot had fallen, if just one more foul had been called… but alas it was not to be.

Yes, Dartford Sharks II fell short.

2 points short of 100 that is. The disappointment is real people - we all want to know what happens to a scoreboard with room for only 2 digits when you get 3! But sorry fans, no answers for you this week.

Sharks II played away to a short-staffed Bromley team in their swanky new hall, making short work of the trip, and joking aside, there are plenty of positives to take from the game.

Knowing that Bromley had no bench players, we pressed the ball from the tip, making use of our young runners to tire Bromley out. This lead to plenty of steals, intercepted passes and fast break points taking the first quarter score to 9-26. 

Bromley were visibly tired, and we used our depth to our advantage. We kept up the pressure and Bromley kept turning the ball over. They put up more of a fight in the second quarter but we still built our lead, with ball movement the focus in this quarter.

In the second half, Bromley got frustrated, leading to a few elbows in necks and chins (I’m not bitter about it…), but it didn’t get them anywhere. In the fourth quarter, Sharks II took over. The score for the quarter was 13-34, and every single one of Bromley’s points in that quarter came from the free-throw line… mainly as we tried to reach the holy-grail of 100 points in the closing minutes.

While this was a fantastic team effort to play the defence and pace that we wanted to play, you can’t help but be impressed by the numbers the Zak-Splash Twins put up. They combined for 65 points and countless steals, helping to provide the energy that fired the whole team up. 

We look to carry this momentum forward into our next game as we continue a strong start to the season.

But for now, all we can do is apologise for not finding out the answer to that timeless scoreboard question. We have failed you.

Sharks II: Providers of points… not answers.

Final score : 47 - 98

Sharks Scorers : Zaksas M 37, Zaksas Z 28, Sabunas 10, Smith 8, Bexx 7, Stopford 5, Trubicinas 3

November 22nd, 2016 by Jack Allen