Eltham Eagles v Dartford Sharks I

Dartford were once again on the road to face the Eltham Eagles in a match that the Sharks needed to win if they were to keep any chance of repeating as league champs. The match started off well for the Sharks as Eltham did not have an answer for our pressure defence which led to some easy baskets. At the end of the 1st quarter the Sharks had jumped out to 15 point lead. The 2nd quarter saw the tempo of the game slow down which favoured Eltham as it allowed them to disrupt the Sharks rhythm and allowed them to trim the deficit. 

Again the Sharks were becoming frustrated as they knew that they were not playing to their potential and were making silly mistakes. The Sharks were also displaying the age old habit of when things go wrong that they stop playing as a team and individual players try and do too much. 

Luckily for the Sharks by the time the 4th quarter had rolled around they remembered that basketball is a team game and funny enough the intensity picked up and so did the baskets. 

Overall some good stretches but the Sharks must continue to learn to play as a team and stick to what works if we are to retain the league title this year. 

Good game from Soren as he was making solid drives to the basket and converting them into baskets. Another solid defence performance from old man Kieran who also stroked in three 3 pointers, I guess he was tired of making layups.

Up next Wizards which always proves to be a tough match

Final Score : 51 - 74 

Sharks Scorers : Schreiber 20::0/0::0, Braknys 17::3/5::0, Kraft 10::2/4::0, Long 9::0/0::0, Maher 7::1/1::0, Marsh 7::2/2::1, Andrzejewski 2::0/0::0, Fraser 2::2/2::0, 

December 1st, 2016 by Ben Maher