Iroquois vs Dartford Sharks II

The Iroquois team of Gravesend were certainly feeling BRAVE when they arrived to Thursday’s game. Little did they know they wouldn’t be GIVING THANKS come the end of the evening. No, no… little did they know that they would be DANCING WITH SHARKS.

Hold on, I’ve got it this time… The Dartford Sharks rocked them so hard their WIGsWAMmed…

Nailed it.

Sharks II continued their strong opening to the season with another fantastic, fast paced game against Iroquois in our second meeting of the season. And suddenly it feels real - like this might be just who we are now as a team, not just a fluke; we’re energetic and passionate… and winning. 

Continuous ball movement, a tough defence and the ability to run in transition time and time again put us ahead in the 1st quarter. The Twins’ relentless drives to the basket opened up space for shooters in the second quarter, and the team splashed four 3s in the period. Combined with a particularly hot shooting quarter from Danny Smith, we took a 20 point lead into the half-time break.

In the third quarter, ball movement slowed a little as Iroquois tried to keep up, and to their credit, they stopped the lead growing much further. The Sharks had already done enough however and all we had to do was play sensible basketball until the final whistle.

All in all, it was a great performance from the Sharks. But it seemed like the Iroquois player, Tom, took this loss the hardest.

I feel bad for Tom. Someone should give him a present to cheer him up.

Someone should give TOM-A-HAWK.

Don’t cry. I’ll be back next week with another great game report.

Final score : 53 - 76

Sharks Scorers - Zaksas Z 29, Zaksas M 15, Smith 15, Trubicinas 7, Bexx 5, Sabunas 3, Kiersztyn 2

December 6th, 2016 by Jack Allen