Wizards vs Dartford Sharks I

This fixture is always a fixture that the Sharks look forward to as it is always a tightly contested match between teams that feel that they should be competing for the league title. This match was no different. The Sharks were again without big man Andrew Demmon as he had other commitments. We are not going to say what those commitments were as the internet would explode with memes and tweets. 

When the Sharks arrived to Walderslade they knew they knew that they had to be focused as a loss would almost certainly mean that the Sharks would not be able to repeat as league champs and a win would still give us hope of achieving that feat.

The game started off with good tempo and good intensity from both sides. The Sharks were trying to use their speed and to wear down their opponents and Wizards were using their size to beat us up inside. This battle was going back and forth with neither team able to sustain momentum for very long. The first half saw the Sharks use their bench effectively and heading into the second half the Sharks had a 6 point lead. 

We were happy with our play but we knew the talent that was on the other side of the court and that if we left them any opening Wizard would take full advantage. The second half saw the Sharks start strong but then for some unexplainable reason the Sharks went away from what was working. This phenomenon continues to plague the Sharks and the question was 'are we going to be able to get ourselves back to sticking to our game plan?' 

Early in the 4th quarter the answer to that question was no as Wizards were taking advantage of our mistakes and the frustration was clear from the Sharks. A timeout was taken and we all took a collective breath. We reminded ourselves of how we got the lead and what we needed to do in order to win the game. The question now is will we execute the game plan? The answer……wait for it…..was…..YES!!! The Sharks started to move the ball around and got some timely baskets which sealed the victory. 

A BIG win for the Sharks

A team effort saw us win this game and crucial rebounding was key but more importantly, ensuring us the win, was better free throw shooting throughout the whole game compared to recent games.

Big thanks goes out to Wojciech Kiersztyn for stepping in and playing crucial minutes for Andrew Demmon who was otherwise indisposed. Seriously Andy a pantomime…I hope you performed well in it. 

Final Score : 71 – 76

Sharks Scorers : Maher 16, Braknys 12, Schreiber 8, Long 8, Wellby 8, Zolt 8, Andrzejewski 7, Fraser 5, Marsh 4

December 13th, 2016 by Ben Maher