Dartford Sharks I v Sevenoaks Suns

Dartford started 2017 off in the Shark Tank with a very simple New Year’s resolution…make a run for title. It appeared however that there was a bit of a hangover from the winter break because despite all good intentions we are not quite sure what sport the Sharks were playing in the first half because it did not look like basketball. We knew what we wanted to do but we were a step slow and appeared to be lacking motivation especially on the defensive end. There were a lot of theories floating around as to why the Sharks were not playing to a high standard, some say it was the freezing cold gym, others say that’s how we always play after the Christmas break and the finally prevailing thought was that the Sharks did not come ready to play. 

Sevenoaks played a hard game for the first 3 quarters and the Sharks were only leading by a couple point. The start of the 4th quarter the Sharks looked like a completely different team. Some say this was because our supporters prayers were answered, others say that it was because the Sharks had finally warmed up or maybe it was the inspirational words Dave Marsh who preaches to play intense defence but whatever the reason the Sharks played a much better version of basketball and won the game comfortably in the end. The score line does not reflect the battle that Sevenoaks gave us for the first 3 quarters but I think we must all remember that typically Sharks do find it hard the first game after the Christmas break.

In the end we did what we set out to do and that was to get the win. 

Final Score : 75 – 54

Sharks Scorers : Braknys 16, Maher 16, Shreiber 13, Long 10, Kraft 8, Andrzejewski 6, Demmon 4, Fraser 2

January 5th, 2017 by Ben Maher