Medway Cup Quarters: Dartford I vs Bromley III

Dartford welcomed Bromley III to the shark tank for the Quarter Final of the cup. Dartford has been very successful in this competition over the past few seasons and were looking to continue that trend. They knew that this was a Bromley team which was going to throw everything they had at them. The Sharks started the match well with good defensive intensity and very good ball movement on the offensive end leading to lots of open looks. The Sharks were happy with their first quarter performance but did miss some open looks that they felt they should have converted.

The second quarter saw Bromley keep fighting and trying to get back into the game. The Sharks slowed the pace down but this caused the Sharks to drop their intensity which led to too many mistakes and easy baskets for Bromley. This allowed Bromley to build some momentum and cause the Sharks to question themselves heading into the second half.

The Sharks realised that they have some very important fixtures in the near future and wanted to that they were not only winning but were playing the right way. The experience of the Sharks paid dividends as the intensity picked up on both ends of the court and the young and inexperienced Bromley could not stop the Sharks from extending the lead and advancing into the next round of the Cup.

Special mention goes to new recruit Nicolai who had an impact on both ends of the floor, big man Demmon who displayed some silky smooth post moves and the energizer bunny Dave Marsh who just refuses to play lazy defence even though he is averaging a league high 4.2 fouls per game.

Dartford travel to Bromley to face the Bromley 1 who proved a very tough test in our last encounter.

Final Score : 91 - 52

Sharks Scorers : Maher 21, Braknys 17, Kraft 10, Radu 10, Demmon 9, Long 8, Andrzejewski 5, Welby 4, Marsh 3, Fraser 2, Schreiber 2

January 19th, 2017 by Ben Maher