Bromley I v Dartford Sharks I

Dartford made their first appearance in The Life Centre where the Sharks were looking to continue their winning ways. Although the Sharks have been winning matches they knew that they were in for a tough battle as Bromley would be looking to avenge their overtime loss from our earlier meeting. That coupled with the fact that Dartford have yet to play in this venue and were unfamiliar with the finer points of the court may be the edge that Bromley needed for the win.

Early on the Sharks were dictating the tempo and getting some easy buckets but we knew that Bromley would not just lay down. Bromley took advantage of the Sharks mistakes and turned those mistakes into points. At the end of the first quarter the Sharks felt good but realised that they need keep up the intensity as Bromley have the talent to go on a run and score in bunches.

Apparently this message got lost in translation because the pace of the Sharks offence turned to that of a crawl and the defence looked like it had more holes then a block of Swiss cheese. The frustration was clearly evident on the Sharks faces and body language as Bromley sensed that they were going to avenge their loss earlier in the year.

The 4th quarter started and it went as most 4th quarters have this year for the Sharks…they started to play basketball again. The Sharks extended their lead and should really have extended it by more but unfortunately there a lot of free throws missed and a wide open lay up missed by the Moose. In his post match interview he was heavily questioned about that particular play. He was quoted as saying “What layup? I never missed no wide open lay up you are telling me an alternative fact”. Well I guess the Moose is taking the Trump approach and claiming alternative facts.

Final Score : 53 - 64

Sharks Scorers : Maher 16, Braknys 13, Marsh 10, Demmon 6, Schreiber 6, Andrzejewski 5, Radu 4, Wellby 2, Kraft 2

January 24th, 2017 by Ben Maher