Erith Crows vs Dartford Sharks II

First and foremost please accept my sincerest apologies for this amatuerish attempt at filling in for what can only be described as some of the south easts finest sports journalism. Whilst our little Jack Allen is away, I think in Iceland on a research trip to find out why mums go there, I have some pretty big shoes to fill here so please bear with me.

Like all the great writers named Jack; Jack Kerouac, Jack Kirby, Jack Hanna and Jack Monroe, I follow in the greatness of lesser know writers such as Jake Arnott. This was the only author named Jake that Google could find. I'm already off to a terrible start. I'm so sorry. Anyhow...

The Sharks jumped out of their tank and headed down the road into the realms of Wilmington Academy, home of the Erith Crows. Low on numbers due to injuries (and finding out why Mums fo to Iceland) we rallied a team of eight with the intention of keeping our one loss of the regular season to just one. With several game cancellations over the last few weeks, this was a game where we needed to knock the dust off and come out swinging against their eleven strong bench. And all things considered, I think we did.


The first quarter saw us run a different defence than we were used to running from the start. Low on players we wanted to change it up, conserve energy and it seemed to work. Luckily, our Mindy turned up to PLAY. He was doing everything. Offensive and defensive rebounds, assisting and dropping eight of our first quarter points. This was not good enough for Mindy. Later, things were about to get REAL!

Although we drained the first bucket, the Crows would match us throughout the period, but with a last minute three from their #6, we would end it two points behind: 21-19

Understanding we were actually playing well, some positive words from Danny would help tighten up our defence and stop us from giving up easy turnovers through some pretty poor passing.


We would quickly get into foul trouble, sending the opposition to the line 6 times in total in the second. Luckily they only converted 2/11 of those free throws. If they would have made any more, it may have given them the fuel needed to come back, but even with these misses, we would not yet run away with this game like we were hoping. Thankfully we would hold them to only 8 points and we would double this putting in 16, the only three coming from Al and Jake putting up six points from mid-range. We ended the half up by six: 29-35


You still with me? Fantastic. This is where is gets somewhat interesting.

We were pretty confident that this game could be won, even with a short bench and even with the Crows keeping the game close. They came out with runners. It seemed that everything they were putting in was from the fast break and we could just not keep up. A couple of times they would bring it to within two points, which honestly worried us a little, but we knew we were playing well and just kept the confidence as we ploughed along. After a few no calls, it was at this point that Mindy, the mouth from the south (of Lithuania) thought it would be a good idea to start dropping Lithuanian swear bombs, to which the ref could somewhat understand.

Quickly T'd up, I believe for a second time from a similar infraction earlier, this would be Mindys fourth foul and in the confussion was ejected from the hall only to return a short time later after the ref had some words. When he returned it all happened in slow motion like a John Woo movie. Pulling both doors to the gym open, Doves took flight from behind him as shocked parents covered childrens eyes...and ears. In the distance I could hear Kid Rock's 'Bawitdaba' playing. That might have been someone calling me. I really must change that ring tone.

The Crows took advantage of our shouting, arguing and disfunction to drop 14 points to our 10, leaving the third 43-45 to us...luckily.

Quarter 4

After some more words of encouragement from the encouragement machine Danny, sent from the future to...well...encourage us, we turned it on. Our pressure defence seemed a little much for Erith, but leaving the last quarter only two points in front we had to do something. They had matched us for alot of the game, not letting us pull away like we have done in the past.

But then, Danny Smith turned up. He'd been with us the entire game, quietly waiting like a cheetah in the Serengeti stalking it's prey. Scoreless up until this point, but a fantastic moral boost throughout the evening, he went OFF. In the first five minutes he went three for three from deep and drained what can only be described as the most beautiful rainbow like three pointers I have ever seen. Stick a duster on that ball and he was cleaning the rafters. I swear, I even heard one of the opposition even say 'yeah that's in', half way through one of his shots. It was glorious. Danny would end the quarter with 11 points.

At this point we had pulled away such a lead that it seemed the Crows had no answer. Even though the game was pretty much ours, we did not turn down the intensity AT ALL. Strong defence, sharp shooting and some crazy Lithuanian streetball passing/ball handling from the Twins that had the opposition thinking it was travelling (it wasn't, nor was it called as such). This is their superpower, and once they learn to control this and not 'shoot their webbing' everywhere, we will become damn near unstoppable.

The fourth quarter would see the Crows drop only five points to our thirty two. The game ended 48-77 to the Sharks keeping our one loss on the regular season to only one.

There is much more room for improvement. This game could have been alot closer or on the other end of the spectrum, we could have won by more. Now with a few weeks until our next game, we will go back and look at what could be better and improve on it. But a great return after a tough couple of Cup matches. This game saw everyone get on the board and the starting five all hitting double figures! Great game!

Thank you so much for reading. I shall not be doing this again.


Final Score : 48 - 77

Sharks Scorers : Zaksas M 16, Zaksas Z 15, Sabunas 14, Smith 11, Bexx 11, Stopford 5, Trubicinas 3, Kiersztyn 2

February 9th, 2017 by Jake Bexx