Bromley Fury III vs Dartford Sharks II

Three teams played in this game; The first half of the game was between Bromley Fury III, and the Dartford Goldfish.

To say that the Sharks’ first half performance was poor, would be an understatement of the greatest magnitude. It would be like describing Dr Dre’s influence on 90’s hip-hop as “inconsequential”, or calling Donald Trump’s Presidential decision-making, “a little bit questionable”. Our game against Bromley’s Second team earlier in the season was perhaps our greatest performance of the campaign, winning by around 50 points. This was easily our worst. 

We ended the first quarter down 15-2. That is not a typo. The fast flowing offence of the Sharks II had flopped out of the bowl and was wriggling on the side, gasping for air, questioning all life decisions that had lead to this point. By the end of the half, the score sitting at 28-12, we had all but given up.

We were despondent. We were lost.

And then the Sharks turned up.

Our best offence comes from our high-pressure defence forcing turnovers. And By Jove did the second half Sharks remember that!

It was an uphill battle, but there was suddenly a spark - a little energy that the Goldfish of the first 20-minutes hadn’t had. We stole the ball, we ran on the break, we created space for our shooters, and we got to the line. The third quarter ended 41-37 - Bromley were wounded and the Sharks could taste blood.

The game came down to the final minute. Bromley missed a late free throw. Then Zygis hit the dagger to seal the deal - a brutal 3-bomb to put the game just out of reach for Bromley. Bromley played well, and hard, and didn’t deserve to lose this game to the Goldfish. 

But they did to the Sharks.

Final Score: 51 - 54

Sharks Scorers: Zaksas Z 30, Sabunas 7, Zaksas M 6, Trubicinas 6, Plail 3, Bexx 2 

February 28th, 2017 by Jack Allen