Tonbridge Knights vs Dartford Sharks II

The journey to face Tonbridge Knights was a perilous one. Tucked in the middle of nowhere, Sevenoaks Prep lies at the other end of a country-road-maze, lurking behind a wall of darkness that leaves you longing for the comforting light pollution of "not-quite-London”. And, just as the altitude of Denver hampers visiting NBA teams, we too were left obviously shaken by these surroundings.

You see, once we arrived, we ran into some familiar acquaintances; The Dartford Goldfish - first quarter saboteurs and well-renowned self-philanderers.

I delay my full description of our first quarter only to save your minds the horrors of the Tonbridge Knights feasting on their fishy fare. But know this - we played poorly and the shots we took were not falling. Tonbridge were brandishing their gangly offence and forcing their way into the middle for awkward-looking shots at will. Foul trouble reared it’s ugly head, particularly for the Sharks big men, and frustrations were high. The quarter ended 18 to 10.

Then we remembered. We remembered that we are not mere fish. We are not a tasty snack for hungry men of the realm to dine upon. We are THE DARTFORD SHARKS!!! (...second team)

For the second time in as many games, we shook off our rough start and began to play the kind of basketball that wins games.

We started passing the ball like Pringles at a party, and every set ended in a satisfying crunch as the shots started dropping. The offence was a perfect blend of inside and outside scoring, leading to much better spacing on the court. We outscored the Knights 8-25 in the second quarter.

Steals were so plentiful in the third and fourth quarters that the Knights were checking their pockets every time they went to the bench, just in case we had also taken their wallets, their house keys, or their wives.

We combined in the final 3 quarters for 68 points, holding the Knights to just 31, and the night was over. The Knights were felled and Sharks II were once again victorious. Hopefully, the Sharks will turn up right from the very start in our next game at The Shark Tank on Thursday.

Final Score: 49 - 78

Sharks Scorers: Sabunas 18, Zaksas Z 14, Zaksas M 13, Trubicinas 10, Plail 10, Stopford 8, Bexx 3, Allen 2

March 6th, 2017 by Jack Allen