Dartford Sharks I v Maidstone I

The Dartford Sharks have been looking forward to this part of the season as we were looking at a nice stretch of home matches to end the season. The players were amped up, the crowd was electric but there was one minor problem….the team did not have any balls to warm up with. Some say there was a miscommunication, some blame the person in charge, some blame the person who actually forgot the balls (who will remain nameless) but at the end of the day it took Alex Stopford of Sharks 2 to save the day and bring some balls for the team to warm up with.

This unfortunate event threw the Sharks out of rhythm and off of their game but it had the unexpected effect of turning Kieran Long into Steph Curry for the first quarter as he netted 5 three pointers in the first quarter alone to give the Sharks the lead.

The second quarter is not going to get much attention as there is not much to write about. The second quarter can be summed up in a few simple words…lack of intensity.

During half time there was a very clear message… pick up the intensity. The message was taken on board and the Sharks were playing harder on offence and on defence. The Sharks increased their lead in the 3rd quarter and kept playing hard in the 4th to secure the victory.

Special mention goes to sharp shooter Kieran who shot extremely well from 3 point range and scored his season high. There good be an interesting lesson in all of this…perhaps Kieran should forget the balls all the time because it turns him into Steph Curry. Whoops sorry I gave away who forgot the balls.

Final Score : 79 – 56

Sharks Scorers : Long 24, Maher 10, Marsh 9, Wellby 9, Radu 8, Braknys 6, Demmon 5, Kraft 2

March 2nd, 2017 by Ben Maher