Maidstone Warriors III vs Dartford Sharks II

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and Dartford Sharks II went down to Maidstone YMCA to play a game of basketball against the Maidstone Stickmen - the Warriors’ development team, consisting of 78% limb - on their booby-trapped court.

7 Sharks suited up, facing a young 11-man Maidstone squad and immediately we knew that we were facing a team ready to match our high-energy, past-paced style of play.

The first quarter started off a bit rocky, with Maidstone matching our scoring early on, but after a few minutes we began to find our rhythm. We ended the quarter up 12-19, with 5 different Sharks already on the scoresheet.

This momentum carried on into the second quarter, and the score at the half was 23-37. It didn’t feel comfortable though. There was something that didn’t feel quite right. Perhaps it was just fatigue from a thin bench, but we knew the Slender Men weren’t going to give up.

The third quarter was not a good quarter. Maidstone pressed and pressured the Sharks at every turn in  a bid to get back into this game. Silly passes led to easy points. The worst floor in the league has so many dead spots that dribbling becomes an unpredictable gauntlet. Running the ball down the court, you couldn’t help but wonder if you were going to fall through the floorboards, or if the ball was going to bounce off uncontrollably. Scoring on the quarter was 23-25. The Sharks were still up, but Maidstone weren’t going away quietly.

In the fourth, we put the game behind doubt. A steady diet of steals and fast break points from the Twins sealed the deal, and some tough D (although leading to a foul-out on that dirty, dirty number 10) deterred the Warriors from scoring much of their own.

This was another hard fought game. Maidstone, to their credit, kept it much closer that we anticipated, through a unique brand of long, flailing, gangly offence. In total, 3 players fouled out of the game (1 Shark, 2 Warriors), but at the end of the day, the Sharks came out on top, 62-90.

Final Score : 62 - 90

Sharks Scorers : Zaksas M 33, Zaksas Z 22, Sabunas 19, Bexx 11, Stopford 3, Allen 2

March 19th, 2017 by Jack Allen