Dartford Sharks I v Maidstone II

Another home match for Dartford and another chance to continue our current win streak. This was a game that Dartford could ill afford to overlook as the following week sees us play Guru Nanak in the league and Wizards in the cup final. The Sharks had one mission in mind, that mission was to get the win and play with high temp and intensity for the whole game. 

For the first time all season that message was received by the entire roster and Maidstone did not know what hit them. The defence was high tempo, the offence was high tempo, and the intensity was there…for once the intensity was there for the whole game. The effort shown by the Sharks pleased our massive fan support which at times as willed us to victory. It is amazing how the support of 5 people can influence so many.

Good games had by all; special mention goes to Dave Marsh and Eugene for a solid shooting performance. 

Andy Demmon being a beast on the boards, Nik for driving hard to the basket each chance he got, Mik for rotating the ball around…most of the time and Malcolm who sets the tone for the intensity especially on the defensive end.

Another mention goes to sharpshooter Kieran Long who after last weeks stellar shooting performance could have easily demanded the ball decided to focus on other aspects of the game and not worry about the score sheet. Who cares if he didn’t get any points what matters is we played hard and we played as a team. 

With all that being said I think the Sharks need to go to a free throw shooting clinic as well to put it bluntly the percentage is not good…it’s not even bad…..it’s very poor

Up next Dartford’s most important week yet

Guru in the league where we look to avenge our early season loss and Wizards in the cup final where we will try to 3peat as cup champions. 

Final Score : 100 - 34

Sharks Scorers : Braknys 20, Marsh 14, Maher 13, Kraft 10, Radu 10, Schreiber 10, Andrzejewski 8, Fraser 8, Demmon 6, Wellby 6, Long 0

March 16th, 2017 by Ben Maher