Dartford Sharks II vs Maidstone Warriors III

I will skip straight to the fourth quarter of this review. Spoiler alert, we won. But if you were not there, you missed what my wife called, “the most exciting six seconds of [her] life”.

As the buzzer sounded for the start of the fourth quarter, the score sitting at 70-35, every Shark in the building could smell the sweet, sweet aroma of a triple digit score line, dangling agonisingly close in front of our faces. We were going to need our highest scoring quarter of the game to get the mythical ton. 30 points to go. 10 minutes to play.

It took 4 minutes to score our first 5 points of the quarter – a solid 5 points they were for sure, but not a sustainable pace for the night’s agenda. The twins started to run.  And run. And then they ran some more. Maidstone tried their best to stem the bleed, but steals and fast breaks began to get the Sharks back on track. The Warriors continued to score bit-by-bit, but mainly because we knew it was the quickest way to get the ball back into our hands.

2 minutes to go, and we still needed 12 points. A loose-ball situation; Danny and a 6ft2 Cheesestring went to ground. A jump ball was called. For some reason, there were 6 opposition players on the court.  A minute of confusion and shouting from both benches, and the ref was heard to cry out, “WHAT’S GOING ON?”

And then someone was sick on the court.

We may never know the real reason why a member of the Warriors bench evacuated his stomach contents across the three-point line. Perhaps the scale of the loss had started to dawn on them. Or perhaps it was a tactical ploy to break up our rhythm. If that was the case, it didn’t work.

The game restarted, and the clock continued to tick down. With a minute left, we needed 10 points  to reach our goal of 100, and it was getting tight. Mindy pounded inside, and The twins scored a series of circus shots that took us to a Warriors bucket with 6 seconds left. We called a time out. The score was 99-50.

The plan was simple. Al was the inbounder, and he was looking for a twin. It didn’t matter which one, and to be fair, he may not have been able to differentiate in the heat of the moment anyway. The Warriors were pressing. Danny and Mindy set some quality screens to confuse the defence, and Maz set a screen to free up Zygis. Zygis got the ball. He drove to the basket and put the ball up.

The roar was deafening.

Every Shark was on their feet, whooping and hollering. Every Shark-friendly spectator exploded delight. The Warriors were probably sick a little bit more. And then the game was over.

It was a night that will go down in history as the night we tried to break the scoreboard. Alas, the blasted thing goes to at least 101.

Final Score : 101 - 50

Scorers : Zaksas Z 32, Zaksas M 27, Sabunas 16, Stopford 9, Plail 5, Smith 4, Bexx 4, Allen 4

March 30th, 2017 by Jack Allen