Medway Cup Final - Dartford Sharks I v Wizards

The Sharks came into this game off of one of their worst performances in a few seasons and it had everyone wondering if they were ready for the final. The Sharks needed to be focused as they knew that their opponents were keen to take the CUP away from the Sharks and prevent us from the ever rare 3peat.

The match started off fast and furious and Dartford looked like a completely different team than the one from a few days ago. It looked like a battle of titans exchanging blows of mythological proportions. The end of the first quarter saw the score tied and every on the edge of their seats as they knew this was going to be a match for the ages.

The second quarter saw a good effort from the Sharks but Wizards matched it and some would argue gave a better effort. Others would say that they had some bad luck and simply forgot how to score. This allowed Wizards to extend a sizeable lead going into the 2nd half and the Shark faithful were wondering if the Sharks could make a comeback and complete the 3peat. The 3rd quarter was fairly even but this left the Sharks with an extremely tough task. They rose to the challenge and started the 4th by scoring 9 quick points and it felt like the tide was turning. Wizards called a timeout in hopes of slowing the Sharks down. The timeout helped Wizard regroup and although the Sharks continued to battle it was a little too late and Wizards were successful in their bid to stop the Sharks 3peat.

All in all a great game for the supporters and fans of basketball everywhere.

Final Score: Dartford 70 – Wizards 80

March 25th, 2017 by Ben Maher