Maidstone II vs Dartford Sharks I

Dartford made the journey down to Maidstone on a sunny afternoon to play our final match of the season. Although Dartford were disappointed to not repeat as league winners we wanted to make sure that we finished the season strong. Due to other commitments Dartford only had 7 players to start the match but that vastly outnumbered Maidstone who began the match with 5 players.

The match began well with Sharks holding a lead which should have been more if Maher was able to use his left hand. The match summarised the season for the Sharks in that there were moments of brilliance, some good defensive efforts but there were periods where we just went asleep and went away from what was working.

In the end the Sharks held on to a comfortable victory and are now looking towards the Rosebowl.

The score sheet was incorrectly filed into the file cabinet labelled B 1 N so unable to provide our usual stats.

April 9th, 2017 by Ben Maher