Sharks II Road Trip Roundup

After starting the season with 3 home games we took to the road for the next 3 looking to continue our run and catch up with some of the games that had been postponed from earlier in the year.

Bromley II v Sharks II     11/12/2017

Our last game of 2017 saw us up against a young Bromley team who had added to their squad since last season and are looking like a team on the up. We started off well and while Bromley were never far behind, some solid outside shooting was just giving us the edge. Up by 6 at the end of the 1st our offensive effort was maintained but we weren't able to increase the lead as we were matched 22-22 in the second.

Into the second half and our 3 pointers were still raining in led by Karolis who had 5 of our 10 on the night. The lead was upped to 12 going into the last but Bromley were determined to keep pace with their best quarter of the game making for a tight finish. Luckily we ended up on the right side and went into the Christmas break with a win.

Final Score: Bromley II (70) v Sharks II (76)

Sharks scorers: Striupaitis 25, Z Zaksas 21, M Zaksas 9, Sabunas 8, Brimble 4, Grimes 4, Stopford 3, Mphahlele 2.

Bromley Vets v Sharks II     10/01/2018

Back to Bromley College we went for our second meeting of three against the Bromley Vets this season. We hadn't travelled well and only had 8 for the night. Excuses aside Bromley started the game on the front foot and while we were desperately searching for our shooting boots we also were picking up silly fouls at an alarming rate. 

Something had to change defensively or we would be handing the advantage to the Vets when they were already ahead. The switch in the back court managed to stop their flow and give us the platform to catch up. Problem is those shooting boots were still proving elusive. If we could just remember where we had put them? Then right on cue at the start of the 4th they turned up. With 9 points still to catch up the timing couldn't have been much better and while it took until the last 90 seconds to take the lead we could head home on a high thanks to our get out of jail free card. 

Final Score: Bromley Vets (52) v Sharks II (56)

Sharks scorers: Z Zaksas 26, Sabunas 9, Stopford 7, Mphahlele 6, Plail 6, Brimble 2.

Tonbridge Knights v Sharks II     15/01/2018

A journey to Sevenoaks Prep was the venue for tonight's game and with almost the same line up from our last one confidence was high as we tried to extend our win streak. Tonbridge were using their physical presence to their advantage from the off however, and while we showed good defensive discipline in the 1st half we could not stop them from scoring in the paint and needed a different plan after the break.

Into the 3rd and with tensions running high things were getting a bit heated at times. Technical fouls started to be called on both teams but we couldn't let it distract us from our task. A change of formation was playing more to our advantage and a number of steals from the twins and solid rebounding effort from George were keeping us on track. With a 2 point lead at the start of the 4th the game was still there for the taking for either team. Luckily the Knights began to tire late in the game and with time running down they looked to foul us to stop the clock. Thankfully we were able to take advantage of this and put the game just out of reach. 

Final Score: Tonbridge Knights (68) v Sharks II (75)

Sharks scorers: M Zaksas 20, Z Zaksas 20, Striupaitis 17, Brimble 8, Mphahlele 4, Sabunas 3, Stopford 3.

Next up: Tonbridge Knights at home, but (I hear you ask!!) can we extend the run, will we ever get a full turn out at training & where is Wojtek?

January 21st, 2018 by Alex Stopford