A New Dartford Vets Team In Town...

Yes.... The rumours are true... Dartford now have a third team on the scene...

After many months of are we, aren't we, Dartford Vets (also having been called Dartford Elderly) has finally been established from a number of past and present club players, some of whom have had many years of absence from the game. 

Having had one training session the week before, our first game was a pre-season friendly against Eltham Eagles.  The game started slowly with both teams getting used to the new court and the close of the quarter saw Dartford up by 2 points.

Eltham came out in the second flying and pulled it back to take the lead by 7 closing the half.  We will blame that little dip on trying out some different defensive techniques, some of which may not have worked so well.

After half time we decided it was time to take control, overtook Eltham and never looked back.

A great first game to start off the new vets team

Final Score : Dartford Vets 52 - Eltham Eagles 45

Dartford Vets Scorers : Delaney 14, Demmon 10, Fraine 10, Fraser 8, Marsh 5, Long 3, Madonda 2

September 16th, 2018 by Andrew Demmon