Strike one to the Wizards

Following our home game against Royals last week we took to the road for our first meeting with Wizards this season. Historically a strong team who more often than not finish in one of the top two places in the league, we knew this one would be a real test but one we were embracing. Wizards had a full bench and our numbers were pretty good albeit a slight mismatch in size between the teams.

1st quarter underway and looking for continuity from last week we began with the same defensive set up and players more or less, hoping to enjoy the same success. What a first quarter it was. Wizards would register first with a swift movement from the tip off but from then on there was nothing between it as we matched them toe to toe offensively with some impressive displays from both teams. 10 points from their no 23 led the way for them but 11 in reply from Zygis and 2 three pointers from Mindy had the game level 23-23 going into the 2nd.

With the pace of the game and both teams picking up some fouls, inevitably we would have to rotate. This was the turning point for the game tonight unfortunately as Wizards were pretty much able to switch players like for like while we struggled with the mismatch as we could not do the same. Pawel, who had been relatively quiet so far after picking up an early technical, would now take advantage of this drawing on his experience and this quarter would belong to him. With an impressive individual effort he had 23 of Wizards 29 points in the 2nd as they asked more questions than we had answers for at this point in the season.

Taking a 52-36 advantage to the interval Wizards would have the upper hand as we looked to restart. With us chasing the game now and looking for a way to stop the onslaught from the opposition we would start the first of several defensive changes in the hope of disrupting their flow and finding our way back into the match. 

Unfortunately none of these changes proved successful as Wizards kept coming up with the answers as we started to run out of questions in the game and were unable to keep pace. All part of the learning curve for our team this season as we continue to find our way in this division. Food for thought taking us into the Christmas break. To be continued in 2019... In the meantime, congratulations Wizards.

Final Score: Wizards 94  v  Sharks II  60

Sharks Scorers: Z Zaksas 25, M Zaksas 13, S Kabogoza 8, M Sabunas 8, A Adeniyi 3, D Smith 3.

December 11th, 2018 by Alex Stopford