Dartford Sharks close win at Folkstone

As the season pushes on and only a handful of games left to play, Dartford took the long trip down to Folkstone and played on a Sunday which was a rare treat for some of us. 

The game started close and remained that way throughout. With only 5 players, Folkstone got into foul trouble in the third and Dartford thought all their Christmases had come at once. Playing against 4 players should be a breeze. But that was short lived when an extra player who was helping on the table kitted up. 

During this period we had increased the lead to about 10 points and that was how it remained. 

Once again the usual suspects having great games, but also adding to the score board this week was Danny with his Jordan-esk moves.  

The next part I am being forced to report on. This is second hand news as nobody was looking to see it but our fearful leader Ben seems to think that he dunked (through traffic). Mostly part to the low rings but still he won't shut up about it!! At best a good lay up!

Final score : 98 - 92

January 30th, 2011 by Andrew Demmon