Firm Defense Increases Dartford Sharks I Point Difference

Our Penultimate home game was against Iroquis which saw both teams missing key players (admittedly Iroquois suffering more than Dartford).

For those who have watched a few Dartford games, we normally do not start applying pressure until midway through the third.  This game was a total change to our current style and the pressure was on from the start.  We have been concentrating heavily on our defense during training sessions recently and it paid off and help us to win the game.

Dartford are now looking like good contenders to win the league.

There were no real outstanding praises for this game as everyone had an excellent game and the full bench (of two) were kept involved.   even the coach came on and scored a handful of buckets.

Dan was so close to a put back dunk - I think you was uphigh enough Dan, and I had a good view as I was right underneath.

Final Score : 80 - 34

February 3rd, 2011 by Andrew Demmon