Dartford Sharks I make it to the final of the cup

This Thursday saw Folkstone return to Dartford for the semi finals of the cup.  After losing to Dartford in previous weeks in the league, Folkstone came ready to try and make it to the final, but that would not be the case this time round.

Dartford kept the defense tight and had some great offenses.

With a return from injury, James played well knocking back a number of threes.  Ben (the Hulk) also had a great game taking it strong to the bucket as he does most games and we had a new player come off the bench for the second half.  Out of retirment it feels like, Coach Ian played the second half and had a handful of buckets.

Well played everyone, Final is on Sunday 3rd April, location and time to be arranged.

Final Score : 75 - 60

March 24th, 2011 by Andrew Demmon