Close game sees Dartford Sharks I into the final of the playoffs

This Tuesday started off as a bit of a disaster.

Dartford turned up to play Guru in the semi finals of the playoffs at a neutral venue (Northfleet Technical College) only to find a junior cup game already started and only in the first quarter!!  Not good...

Phone calls were made and eventually we managed to get a booking at a lovely new court in Gravesend.  By the time we started the game it was late and everyone just wanted to get cracking.

Every game this year against Guru has ended in a final second scramble to win the game by both teams and this game was no different.  Dartford were up by 2 points only for a foul to be given when in foul trouble.  Anthony from Guru knocked back both free throws to put us on an even par with 8 seconds left.  The final few seconds saw Kieran then get fouled, miss the first (leaving us all panicking!!) and then hit the second to put us 1 up with 1.7 seconds remaining.

Timeout was called by Guru for some last second tactics.  The ball was played in and fumbled on the half way line for Dartford to move into the final of the playoffs - more details on the final coming soon.

Great games had by Dan and some excellent free throws under some serious pressure by Kieran.  Well done again guys!

Final score : 62 - 61

May 10th, 2011 by Andrew Demmon