Dartford Sharks I win first game of the rose bowl

Entering the gym with the score already 0 - 80 in favour of the home team is daunting to any team, but that is how it stood in the beginning of the first game of the Rose Bowl tournament against Walderslade Academy on Sunday afternoon.

A young Walderslade team played well and have an excellent point guard and some superb outside shooters.  Dartford had to play a fast paced full court press all game which required numerous substitutions in and out to maintain the tempo.

Dartford caught up from their deficit gradually throughout the game to pull the score back to 1 point difference in the final seconds leading to a thrilling end to the game which Dartford ended up winning.

Great game had by James who was lightning quick and scored a shed load of baskets.  And congratulations to Bright who has finally conquered the fear of dunking in a game!  We now expect more....

Final Score : 129 - 128 (Game starting at 0 - 80)

May 22nd, 2011 by Andrew Demmon