Dartford Sharks I take second game of Rose Bowl

This Thursday saw one of the closest games all season for the Sharks.  Dartford hosted Sevenoaks Suns I for the second game of the Rose Bowl tournament.

Sevenoaks started the game with 10 points due to the tournament's scoring handicap and remained close to that many points up until by half time.

Both teams had their faair share of skill and slack periods and the end of the game saw a last seccond 3 pointer from Sevenoaks to even the game.  With only 2 seconds left on the clock there was little chance of Dartford scoring again and the game went in to overtime.

By the end of the first period of overtime, the score was close once again and once more the end of the period was tied forcing a second overtime.

By this time Dartford had two of their big men fouled out and another on 4 fouls.  With cramp setting in on both teams and energy levels running low, the game looked like it would go into a third period of overtime but this was not to be, a final shot by our in-house Canadian sealed the win for Dartford.

Great games had by both teams especially the outside shooting of Sevenoaks.

Final score : 97 - 95 (OT score 73 - 73, OT2 score 83 - 83) (Game started Sevenoaks 10 - 0)

June 9th, 2011 by Andrew Demmon