Dartford Sharks I no match for Strong Wizards in Playoff Final

Dartford and the Wizards met at a neutral Sevenoaks venue on a lazy Sunday afternoon for the last game of the season - The playoff final.

With Dartford down four players due to holidays and work commitments we slowly declined into a heavy point deficit which left us losing the game by 30 points.

To be fair the Wizards outclassed us on the day - Over the season Wizards have been our 'Everest' and have beaten us 3 times out of 4 with Dartford only winning 1 of the games.  Lets hope next season we can up these stats to favour dartford.

All in all still a great season for Dartford coming joint 1st in the league, runner up in the Cup, winners of the Rosebowl cup and runners up in the playoffs.  Well done guys - Have a great summer and get ready for next season!

Good luck and fairwell to Ryan who is embarking on his 10 month round the world trip.  Your mid-range jumper and inside work will be seriously missed next season.

Final Score : 96 - 66

July 24th, 2011 by Andrew Demmon